Our Forklift Driver Trainer Curriculum

As one of cork's leading providers of forklift training courses, we wanted to create a Blog that outlines both the courses we offer and what each of these courses entails. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers deliver all our Forklift training.

Our suite of forklift training in Cork packages includes courses for beginners, courses for more experienced forklift drivers, and courses on specialist topics. We are a SOLAS approved forklift instructor, and our team of knowledgeable instructors are trained to the RTITB level.

Beginner Course

We provide our top-rated forklift training beginner course to new forklift operators eager to gain their certification. This 3 to 4-day course outlines issues such as legislation and the safe operation of a forklift and focuses in detail on safety procedures. The end goal of this course is to ensure a forklift operator has the knowledge and skill to operate a forklift safely and efficiently.


Forklift Training – Experienced Course

The experienced forklift training course is delivered over two days. The modules and learning in this course are designed for those who have professional experience operating forklifts. This course is ideal for people interested in earning their certification for forklift operation or interested in refreshing a previous certificate. Some of the modules covered include forklift safety checks, forklift operation and issues like legislation.


Forklift Refresher Course (CB)

We also provide a forklift refresher course. This is a one-day course designed for learners who want to refresh a previous certification. It is assessed through theory and practical assessment. Upon successful completion of this course, learners get a CMSE Training Certification.

Forklift Stacker Conversion Course

This specialist course is designed for experienced forklift drivers interested in earning a ride-on stacker truck forklift certification. This course combines theory and practical assessment. Topics covered include safe truck operation, how to conduct safety checks and issues surrounding operational legislation.


The above is an intro to the various forklift training courses available. For bookings, please get in contact with our offices today.


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