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Cork CPC

Safety Alliance provides clients with the best in East Cork CPC training and West Cork CPC training. We remain one of the county's most popular services that offer clients an extensive range of driver training. Our Cork CPC training breaks down to:

Module 1:

CVEDT - Control of the Vehicle & Eco Driving Techniques.

This module aims for professional drivers to be able to demonstrate control of their vehicles and how they exercise the principles of environmentally responsible driving. All our Cork CPC courses include this module.

Module 2:

MRMET - Minimising Risks & Managing Emergencies in the Transport Industry

Our Cork CPC and Cork City CPC courses include a minimising risk module. This module reinforces to professional drivers the importance of decision making that reduces risk and the possibility of an accident. It also gives practical steps and strategies for managing emergencies within the transport industry.

Module 3:

HSOPD - Health & Safety of the Professional Driver.

A module concerned with the health and wellbeing of the professional driver. Our West Cork CPC courses and East Cork CPC course show how drivers protect their health while exercising their professional driver duties.

Module 4:

RPDTI - Role of the Professional Driver in the Transport Industry

Our Drivers CPC Munster course focuses on the role of the professional driver in the evolving transport industry. Technology continues to transform this industry, and our experts discuss these changes, how they'll affect the future and how the professional driver remains the centrepiece of this transforming industry.

Module 5:

PROTD - The Professional Truck Driver

A highly focused module delivered by our Drivers CPC Cork instructors. We'll discuss the life and role of a professional truck driver in detail. And outline some of the challenges: career highlights and changes they'll encounter throughout their professional careers.

Module 6:

PROBD - The Professional Bus Driver

Our Drivers CPC Cork City instructors focus on the role of the professional bus driver. We discuss this fulfilling career path in detail and ensure bus drivers are equipped with the knowledge to carry out their duties safely and efficiently.

We offer the highest standard Drivers CPC in Cork, to book a course please see our booking course.

Cork CPC

  • Where do you offer Driver CPC courses in Cork?

    We are a genuinely Countywide service. We offer CPC courses in:

    • Cork City

    • Bandon

    • Clonakilty

    • West Cork

    • Munster

    • Bantry

    • Midleton

    • East Cork

    • North Cork

  • How do I make a Driver CPC booking with Safety Alliance & Training Ltd?

    To confirm your place on one of our CPC Drivers Cork courses, please visit our make a booking page today, select your preferred course location and follow the on-screen steps.